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In Tune With INTRP

"From language into language with remarcable ease"

You encountered difficulties while making yourself understood with foreigners? You need to have polylingual lecture, speech or presentation? Our company came with solution right for you. Being polylingual it's not a hard act to follow with our interpreting firm. Our stuff of top-notch profesionals have a way with interpreting and are always ready to give you a hand. 
If you are a potential employee, who search for a fulfilling, permanent job we are here to offer it for you.
We have two availiable vacancys: interpreter and maneger of interprete office. 
To get this job you must be an owner of such qualities as: being a people person, being ready to master new skills, it's also great to have exparience in interpreting or translating fields. The main attribute is to have good knowlage of languages
We can offer you a brilliant, promising career with the wide range of rewards and abilities of getting a promotion.
You will work flexitime and have a great salary
(We also give benefit pachage and perks (such a place to live, while you work abroad).
All you need to do is to fill in appliction form!
You can be a person we are looking for!!!

For Achieving But Not For Cramming

I honestly think, that Sugata Mitra has provided us with a great theory, that we need to subscribe to.
We have fallen behind with our educational system, because we have lost interest in being eager beavers in aquiring knowlage. So, it's a brilliant idea to improve our education with practising up-to-date methods of studying. I belive, it'll give our education a SOUL (self-organised learning environment) and it'll lead us to success. 

Children are natural learners - that idea is pointed out by Ken Robinson and surely it's widespread belief that everyone is unique and has own taste. It makes jump to conclusion that every area of learning is equally important and must be taken as crucial one. Children musn't drop out of school because they aren't into subjects, which are overestimated and are meant as main subjects. The trick is, that what is a tedious task for ones, is the most gripping field of knowlage for enother one. So, it's essential to bear it in our minds

I put my thinking cap on and made a list of what is needed to be done to turn the educational system from an old school into a modern one. 
  • teaching need to make students to have a thirst for knowlage, but not to cram for getting a mark.
  • lectures must be given on useful topics and must be held in entartaining and absorbing manner.
  • students should be welcome to show their initiative 
  • Educational system must grasp the importance of every subject

воскресенье, 23 апреля 2017 г.

Take A Sheep And Name Her Relation

I don't wanna talk rubbish, but want to provide you with some info anout tricks of relationships between people.
Everyone need to know about all pitfalls, which he/she can face while getting closer with someone. 
So, look here and make some notes (if you need)


Being nervous, ecstatic, cheerful, grateful, frustrated or anxious - our calls-to-actions. All previously mentioned things are our emotions. They exist for reason bigger than causing you to murmur "I love you" or to be scared stiff, or to be in high spirits. Their purpose is simple and powerful to help you navigate life. 
Without emotions we would be lost, or worst case scenario dead. 

Our giggling, winking, staring - actions, which are caused by our emotions and feelings. Emotions actually prepare our body to act in emergency situations. When you are like a bear with a sore head, blood flows to your hands, so you can easily grab a weapon. When you are shaking in your shoes, blood flows to your legs, so you can start running fast, or being on cloud nine makes you smile and laugh. 

It's not a surprise, that we think we are emotionally sophisticated, but why do we still behave like cavemen? The thing is, that our negative feelings such as being in a fit of jealousy, being on the edge or being sick and tired make us behave like ill-mannered misanthrope. 

I'd like to recommend to give a go to being emotionally intelligent and things won't get tricky.

The thing I wanna share with you is this video. Actually, watching this little movie always cause me to feel a shiver down my spine. It shows how we can handle our nearest with care. And one more essence that must be pointed out is that it doesn't metter you look like ordinary peron or standing out from the crowd one, you are beautiful when you are cheerful, ecstetic and delighted!

I'm joking! I'm kidding!

Here I've prepared some funny pics for you! Just enjoy!

Tools With Remrkable Ease

Dear Andrew,

I'm so sorry, that I haven't written you for a long time. So, I decided to drop you a line. How's your life? Are you still an active English learner? If you still are, I'd like to acquaint you with some viable options of expanding your vocabulary with remarkable ease.
 First and foremost, to build up confidence while learning how to speak fluently you need to build your vocabulary in a proper way. I'm really eager to provide you with with some methods of memorizing new words, which you can slowly but surely adopt. I'm sure that you must give a try to some new educational tools, which will help not to see only the tip of the iceberg, but make the most of learning. There are a wide range of special programs for language learners, for example, memrize. This tool will make you to know new words as the back of your hand and they will not slip your mind. Using this program, you will undoubtedly make progress and the thing is, that you can have it on your gadget, so you can practice your skills in everyday hustle and bustle.

Take my recommendations seriously! And also, I have one nice surprise for you (flashcards). :) 

So, achive your English goals with step-by-step approach. :)

There are vide range of useful links for you)
Use it for being sure in finding definitions

For having fun while learning

To be in tune with usage of the words

To make your speech or writings richer 

For going side-by-side with up-to-date vocabulary

And here is my little surprize for u :)